The world is changing - it is getting both smaller and bigger at the same time. Days are gone for a customized classroom where only teacher and student use to communicate. Our world shrinks as technologies now, allow us to communicate both synchronously and asynchronously with peers around the world. Schools are increasingly adopting digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of pupils and trying to make the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory.

In the 21st century, the institutes are adopting new technologies as a strategic resource for faculty, staff & students which is imperative for education institutions. With an abundance of education technology solutions available, the opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness are endless. Our clients leverage a comprehensive, customized technology portfolio to help define a clear strategy for achieving business objectives while implementing the right education technology solutions. In addition, we assess the current environment and determine how future technology solutions will impact client institutions.

The solutions which we provide helps teachers to be more effective and improve the quality of the education and relevance of classroom instructions, enabling you to make quantifiable and measurable progress towards improving efficiency.

Administrative solutions

Classroom Management:
Using laptops during lecture is a fashion, so the teacher can asses and monitor the student's laptop. As soon as the student enters the class the network inside the class, the teacher takes control of all the laptops. The teacher uses their laptop to share content which can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard or on the student’s laptop or on both. The teacher can also write on the interactive board while the content will be displayed on the student's laptop.

Notification to parents/students:
Sending updates on performance and important notifications/updates like related to fees, attendance, performance, holidays, homework etc. is simplified. A teacher updates the information on their laptop and automated updates are sent via SMS and email.

AV Solutions for Auditorium
An auditorium is equipped with complete audio-video features and is ready for a guest faculty or corporate presenter and even organizing a fun-filled event.

Smart Classroom
Smart classroom makes session more interactive and intersting. With Smart Classroom, teachers have a classroom which is Interactive (with whiteboard, mike and speaker for communication, projector for presentation, camera for recording sessions & future usage), Collaborative (with features like audio/ video/recording/broadcasting, students from different campuses interacting with each other while sitting in their respective classes) and accessible.

Network Infrastructure
It helps to manage the complete school network. This huge portfolio includes Hardware and Network setup & installation, Servers/database, connectivity between various departments, wireless networks in campus, ICT helpdesk, Network Operations Center and GPON.

At campus Wifi is a must, it has become a need and trend of free Wifi. Wi-Fi is the need of every campus as it not only keeps students connected, it also helps them improve their grades.

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