Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities

WildCard has provide services to all the leading companies worldwide. It has addressed sectors like FMCG, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation and Transmission. We enableour customers to better engage and service their customers and to improve their internal operational efficiencies related to supply chain or manufacturing processes. We provide advance services and solutions to our clients and the customers.

WIldCard brings a unified, secure, end-to-end digital manufacturing portfolio of solutions whose foundation is a network structure that enables and enhances automation, collaboration, video, cloud-to-fog agility and business intelligence.

  • Improved security, operational efficiency and productivity
  • Business improvements, such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine monitoring, machine and process optimization, and predictive maintenance
  • Protection against risks, improve efficiency, and reduce site downtime
  • Increased supply chain flexibility and agility with
  • Use leading-edge communications and collaboration tools

Leading companies are moving into digital business for betterment of the business. Business models that eliminate information silos and connect machines, assets, and people across the business. And they're using WildCard intelligent networks to get there.We offer unmatched depth and breadth of security, connectivity, and system visibility end to end. And we do it in partnership with other leading companies you work with.
With our solutions, utility grids can help enable reliable, efficient service. And oil and gas companies can keep product and profits flowing.

Connected Oil& Gas
Make operations safer, more efficient, and more secure.

Utilises and Smart Grid
Smarter, safer, highly secure power grids offer reliable, efficient service.

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