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We've designed our Mid- Market Solutions with the clear objective of enabling our clients to communicate quickly, increase productivity, develop new business opportunities. We help clients choose, manage, and provide seamless upgradeability of all related needs, whether they are voice, data, video or security solutions.
We also specialize in video conferencing solutions, IP surveillance, information security & storage solutions, IT audit services, contact center solutions and a whole lot of other applications which help you to run your business smoothly and effectively.We work with best of the breed brands to bring in solutions. WildCard can give solutions for simple networks to complex networkis through data switches, routers and Wi-Fi etc.

IP telephony: pure IP-based solutions as well as solutions which integrate both analog and the IP platform. Offerings can be customized as per the segment to the customer belongs to and the size of his requirement and budget.

We offer:

  • Video conferencing: offerings ranging from simple 'point to point' to complex 'multiparty' and 'tele-presence' solutions.
  • Workplace security: IP based surveillance solutions.
  • Board room: integration solutions

WildCard provides flexible and secure network foundation as a mid-market expertises requires. Businesses require a network solution that helps lower costs, improve security, enhance customer service and keep the overall enterprise agile.

The WildCard mid market /channel division has strategic alliances with leading networking OEMs and has the capability to cater to the mid market requirements related to both passive and active networking needs in an end-to-end manner.

Data Center & Vizualization
We provide data center and data storage capacity for the mid-market as the demansd is growing day by day. Contrary to popular belief that data center technology and virtualization is relevant only to large enterprises only, they are also very relevant to mid market as their IT challenges are similar to those of large organizations.WildCard is capable of providing end-to-end solutions for the computing, storage and information security needs of mid market. WildCard's strong relationship with almost all the major OEMs in this field works favorably for mid market customers as they can be served with tailor-made solutions which are both efficient and cost-effective.

Enterprise Applications
Most mid market are looking at software technologies that are user friendly, efficient and allow scalability of operations to meet the demands of tomorrow. This includes solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). Mid Markets are looking for IT to nourish the growth by integrating their business processes, bringing efficiency and improving response time.
CRM softwares could help manage the raw information available such as service requests, new sales leads and customer order fulfillment. Mid market get better Return on Investment (ROI) in addition to well mapped information management for future planning. WildCard has proven capabilities in developing all such enterprise applications targeted towards the mid market business segment.

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