Professional Services

WildCard’s Professional Services is delivered through various engagement models:

  • Consulting and Analysis: We cover domains like IT service management, Business service management, IP networks, Data centers, IP contact centers, and Information security. Our services enable our clients to utilize our domain expertise for complete business needs.
  • Deployment Services: We bring together the multiple stages of deployment under the project management framework and align them into production seamlessly. These involve Staging, Installation, Integration, Commissioning and Testing.
  • Customization and Integration: Our vendor-agnostic, pragmatic approach helps build ICT applications and infrastructure, to address critical business needs and meet the desired business outcomes such as infrastructure for medical help which enables a flawless connect of rural India to an urban doctor checking for ailments.
  • Technology Audit and Review: We study and analyze business facts and carry out IT infrastructure, data center, information security, service management and compliance audits and reviews using industry best practices.
  • Business Assessment: We provide business assessments for our client's business for automation. These assessments will help to give you a good idea of where your business stands, inspire your strategic planning and help business to develop.
  • Technology Assessment: Uncover the ways to nurture your company's power with technology.

Greater adoption of information and communications technology (ICT) can significantly increase profits for the business, reduce operational expenses and improve productivity. To optimize the company's performance and maximize the return on investment feel free to utilize our technology assessment.

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